When we sleep we believe we are in our moment of greatest disconnection, away from all our problems and worries. The truth is that precisely when we sleep is when the brain is most active, because while the body relaxes and rests, it is the mind that provides us with dreams and reflects its state to us.
Not always when we dream it has to be something negative, but in this particular case it tends to be. We are talking about dreams in which needles appear. A problem or concern is usually attributed to each needle, so if you have dreamed of them, you already know that your mind cannot forget what worries you and reminds you of it. In the following paragraphs you will see the meanings of the needles in a much more detailed way.

Meaning of dreaming about needles

  • If you see needles in your dream . When you simply see the needles and don’t remember any more relevant details, the most accurate explanation is due to a broken relationship. It can be a friendship, family or loving relationship. The needle is interpreted in dreams as a great slander, a deception followed by disappointment.
  • In a general way we can affirm that the needles and pins in dreams , if they appear together, have a different meaning than the previous one. They are associated with emotions of sadness and grief, emotions that deep down you yourself know you must change. This will make you see that everything changes and will not be a great drama in your life.
  • When acupuncture needles appear , the meaning is disorientation. It is a somewhat confusing moment in your life in which you do not know exactly if you are doing the right thing, if you have chosen well. Although it is true that many times you will not know the answer, do not worry because they are also associated with an opening of new possibilities in the labor field.
  • If the needles are crocheted, be careful. This means that someone close to you is criticizing you. Here we can find two reasons, they can be unjustified criticism by someone you appreciate or criticism due to your misconduct. If you have lied recently, you already know that your mind never rests and knows that it is not right.
  • When you are sewing it is precisely because you are trying to repair something. It is usually about some damage that you have caused yourself to another person. In this case, your mind knows that you have acted wrong and you are aware of it, so you try to repair the consequences, whether the damage has been voluntary or accidental.
  • By threading a needle the meaning is associated with a stage of positive changes. It can be due to a series of benefits or simple positive changes that will come in handy. It may be confusing to interpret these dreams since you may be sewing and at some point threading a needle. Although the truth is that if most of the attention falls on the threading, the explanation is associated with this interpretation more than with the previous one.
  • Using a thimble to protect yourself from needle sticks means more changes are going to take place. Positive changes that are usually related to the family environment. In some cases they are associated with family inheritances or large amounts of assets received through the family.
  • Clockwise is another sign of change or transition. In this case, we cannot know exactly what type of changes are going to be, but we can find out if they will be positive or not. When the needles move in the usual direction it is good news, while if they move in the opposite direction, some problem will appear along the way.

Conclusion of dreaming about needles

These are just some of the interpretations related to needles, and although there are many more, these are the most common among dreams. As you can see, every detail is important when analyzing dreams. Try to write down what you remember as soon as you wake up and you will be able to know its meaning more accurately.

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