Although it may not seem like it, it is a fairly common dream, and not only in women as it is believed. These dreams do not happen only by a simple chance since it is a way that the subconscious tries to communicate and tell us something.

Dreaming of having rape involves that you are losing control of your life, you have felt more vulnerable lately since there are people in your life who tend to attack your safety.

Meaning of dreaming about rape

  • Dreaming of rape: it should be noted that dreaming of rape is like an alert about those repressed or hidden relationships in our being.

Dreaming of a rape does not always refer to or talk about sex, but about the personality problems that the dreamer has, among these problems may be vulnerability or low self-esteem, this is what always lead us to one of the most difficult situations. unpleasant where by not loving ourselves, we allow ourselves to be easily influenced by others.

For the most part, people with low self-esteem have these dreams in which they are sexually assaulted, as they think that they are worthless and that it does not matter what is done with their body. The most recommended thing is that you seek help for your self-esteem.

  • Dreaming of pleasant rape: It is no secret to anyone that rape is a form of sexual assault, but in certain cases it happens that while we are dreaming we can experience a pleasant sensation, of relief and even pleasant, even if it sounds a bit crazy.

Yes, sexual assault is the worst experience that anyone could have, although in the dream it could be totally the opposite, and see only the desire or desire that one has to have sex.

Take into account if you notice bad sensations in your body and fear, since this means that it is a violation, but if otherwise, it gives you pleasure and I undo it, take it for granted that the dream is a sign that you have the desire.

  • Dreaming of seeing the rape of another person: it   usually happens both with family and friends, who betray us and trust will not be the same again, perhaps if this person from this nucleus appears in your dream, it is that it represents little confidence that you have him, due to everything he has done if your consent
  • Dreaming of the rape of a relative: In case you have this type of dreams, it may be similar to its concept, and that the reason for the dream is because we have an anguish or concern within us for that person, because something bad You can pass.

Our bond with that person is strong, since, if we dream of that person, it is because they may be in greater danger, which you have seen so that you seek help and make it known to your other relatives.

Another meaning may be, that we have memories and experiences that marked our life, and that we do not want to remember, but that if you do not overcome, they will be an obstacle for you all your life, perhaps that is why your subconscious makes you remember old unwanted events.

Conclusion of dreaming about rape

In truth, it is not easy to deduce a dream, less when dreaming of rape, its meanings are not easy to determine. Places, people, objects, or creatures are present in the dream, it can be something external, something that may be happening in our lives and we do not see it as it is, and that is why they manifest in our dreams, to give us a signal. .

Although the dream can have moments of pleasure and tastes, at no time does it stop being a cloudy dream, and it is something that you should not let go of simply because you liked it, and it is extremely normal to think that the dream is telling you something that it will actually happen.

It should be noted that, if in the dream you see yourself being assaulted both sexually and non-sexually, it may mean that we have internal fears, which we do not want to say, and that, by repressing ourselves, they hurt us internally, the most advisable thing is to give the expensive, for a marriage, a failed relationship, or just problems of everyday life.

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