It is possible that our last thoughts when sleeping influence what we dream so if we sleep listening to a melody it is possible to dream of singing , of course it is not definitive to add that it is good or bad news but rather related to the sentimental plane.

When we listen to a melody, our senses are activated and this can generate thousands of sensations that, involved in the development of a dream, can have meaning in the sentimental plane of the person.

Meaning of dreaming about singing

  • Dreaming of singing joyfully: as joy is a feeling, it may be that in the dream you do not see yourself as such singing, but you do not need the figure but to hear yourself sing or have the feeling of happiness while you do it, which means that you will receive good news.
  • Dreaming of singing with someone: it is also excellent news to be singing with someone in the dream because this indicates that in the future we will be improving the relationship with that person whether you are with someone you already know.

If it is a stranger then do not worry because you will be about to meet someone who will transmit that empathy and they will have an excellent relationship so it is also good news.

  • Dreaming of watching us sing: it is normally interpreted as that the person is letting out all that sadness that seizes his soul to heal the wounds of some failure or disappointment with a loved one.

If you are not yet experiencing a situation like this, it is time for you to analyze with whom a sad episode can probably happen to you or simply be prepared because some disappointment may come and you should avoid collapsing.

  • Dreaming of hearing singing: from a totally sentimental level, you cannot take for granted having a relationship with that person because you may simply be receiving advice from even a stranger.

There is some situation in your emotional life that you need to listen to what others think so that you take the best of it and can act in the right way so as not to harm yourself or others.

  • Dreaming of singing birthdays: depending on the context in which the dream takes place, it can be good or bad news because if it is a third party to whom you are singing birthday it reflects that a celebration and successes are approaching in your life.

While if it is your birthday it may be that some kind of illness or health problem is coming for you, so you must take care of yourself and be more cautious so as not to have a bad time.

  • Dreaming of singing in public: we are not talking about your favorite stars but about you who is delighting an audience with your voice, that dream symbolizes that prosperity and success will come for you, while at the same time it speaks of your self-esteem that you have it very well which allows you to express yourself to others without fear.
  • Dreaming that a bird sings: if in the dream you hear a bird sing this means good news on an economic level, wealth will come to your life in the long term.

You are taking your professional life on the right track, this effort and dedication will pay off for what you are in a good moment of your life, taking it on the right path.

Conclusions of dreaming of singing

To interpret the dream you have to do it from a leading point of view because it is a subtle way of looking back at your life, of what affects you both negatively and positively.

By feeling the gentle music and enjoying it, the person feels in an atmosphere of joy and tranquility, that moment of his life is almost perfect that leads him to that feeling of full satisfaction.

Many times you can develop the dream in a karaoke and this shows that you are losing the fear of expressing yourself in front of others, that shyness that characterized you is leaving it aside because there is no better way for others to understand us but it is through of words and for that you need to express yourself.

In the same way, if you find yourself alone, it may be that depending on the moment you go through in your life, it is reflecting a moment of personal appreciation where you express your own love and in this way you take care of yourself.

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