Mermaids are mythological characters, who are half woman and half fish, they attract men and make them fall in love with their song. Dreaming of mermaids are not ordinary dreams, on the contrary, it is very rare for a person to have this type of dream.

Since ancient times they have been linked to love, passion, sexuality, beauty, youth and temptation. Dreaming of them is usually a warning sign about our actions and thoughts, below we will analyze some interpretations of raving with mermaids.

Meaning of dreaming about mermaids

  • Dreaming of dead mermaids: Dreaming of dead mermaids is a negative dream, because it ensures that you have lost the ability to dream and above all to imagine a much better future for yourself. This experience is also disapproving, as it indicates that your creativity will not be at its best.

Likewise, if you dream of trying to murder a mermaid or she is already dead, reveal that you want revenge on an impossible love, on someone who does not correspond to you as you really want.

  • Dreaming of bad mermaids: The evil or murderous mermaids enchanted the sailors and then devoured them, therefore, dreaming of bad mermaids means that you are letting yourself be guided by the appearance of some individuals, who do not seek or do not want anything good for you, but only take advantage of your goodwill.
  • Together these types of dreams reveal that in some way or another we feel disappointed by someone special. In the same way, it reflects the damage they have done to us and how hurt we feel, it indicates that infidelities and deception have marked us.
  • Dreaming of police, fire or ambulance sirens : In the case of dreaming of police, fire or ambulance sirens , specifically that you hear them, this dream tells us that we are going to receive excellent news that will fill us with great joy. When listening to emergency sirens, you can also make us a wake-up call so that we are attentive to an accident.

But if indistinctly, you hear sirens in the dream, it symbolizes a mark for a hidden problem or a stressful situation, any of these conditions are causing you a lot of stress. In general, this type of dream can alert you to attract attention in order to find a solution to the problem in question.

  • Dreaming of pregnant mermaids: This is a rare and strange type of dream, we mean when dreaming are pregnant mermaids , that is why very few studies affirm that it actually means. Although it symbolizes an aspect of your personal life or character that is maturing or growing within you.

In short, it refers to something that you do not want to recognize or that you still ignore, in the same way, it can represent the appearance of a new goal, project or idea in your life.

  • Dreaming of attacking mermaids: Dreaming of attacking mermaids is a dream that tells us about a disappointment of some very special person, in the same way it can be understood as a betrayal, which can be combined both in work and in love, the best thing would be that you leave those people who hurt you so that you can find the answer to a new life.

Likewise, it indicates an invitation so that you can stop and reflect on the people who have caused you a lot of problems and the advisable thing for these cases is to stop doing everything bland against them or incorrect.

  • Dreaming of mermaids out of water: When dreaming of mermaids out of water or we observe a Greek mermaid, it indicates that we are being tempted to commit infidelity or adultery, which reflects that it will cause you many headaches in the future. But this type of dream in particular, symbolizes two cases depending on whether the dreamer is female or male.

If you are a man it means a temptation, this excitement is not good, it is about a person or situation that although you really want to get closer, you know that it will be harmful. In case you are a woman, these represent a complication or problem that causes you headaches or stress.

Conclusion of dreaming about mermaids

In short, we can say that dreaming of mermaids is a way of telling ourselves that we can start new challenges and also undertake projects of a creative nature, where colors and shapes predominate.

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