He has always been afraid of dreaming about death or whatever aspect is associated with it. Dreaming of a wake does not literally have to do with death or the sadness that this entails, rather, these dreams can be linked to the closing of cycles and situations that must be left behind to improve in our lives.

For this reason, it is not necessary to worry or be alarmed that they are predicting an upcoming death, dreams, in general, are not usually literal in their meaning.

meaning of dreaming of wakes or wake

For a long time, people who are dedicated to the interpretation of dreams say that dreaming of a wake , most of the time, brings with it the desire to be next to a loved one to take care of him, a more beautiful version than when we believe that this dream has to do with the announcement that a relative or person close to you will die.

It has more to do with the desire to extend the well-being of a family member or loved one, however, there are other experts on these issues who indicate that dreaming of wakes represents the closing of various cycles in your life. for ending, are you afraid of what comes next?

Even so, to have the most accurate interpretation, it is necessary to know the reaction you had in the dream when you were at said wake, this is a fundamental part of the interpretation of your dream.Try to remember which aspect caught your attention the most, the most important method. Precise to interpret these dreams is your logic and common sense.

  • When you come to dream of your own wake: This type of dream in particular has to do with new projects and goals. Although it sounds a bit strange to you, this type of dream is very normal where your projects want you to make them come true and that you strive to achieve them.
  • When you dream of wakes of a person you do not know: It is very likely that your interior asks you to forget and forgive, so that you turn the page and do not let the past affect you and the damage they have done to you, it asks you to leave pride behind to learn to forgive and not lose friends or loved ones due to these problems.

On the other hand, this can also be a sign that we are trying to eliminate our problems or better yet avoid feeling some kind of remorse about something in the past.

  • When we dream that we are at a wake and this brings us a restless behavior, anxiety and despair: In these cases, it means that you will end a stage of peace and happiness and will give way to another where restlessness and despair will be the protagonists.
  • If in another case you dream that you enter a wake and the person who is being veiled is a close relative such as your father or mother, this means that we avoid situations that are currently affecting us, this also has to do with the level of charge that our consciousness presents.

This dream also has to do with situations in which we have hurt or affected someone and we have no way to apologize with it.

  • If in the dream we find a lot of peace, tranquility, this is an omen that we have understood the message that we must change our way, if we want to obtain different results to those we have now, this calm and peace that our spirit has, they indicate that we are at the right time to evolve.
  • If in this dream we find ourselves at the wake of a small child, it is an announcement that we will attend a christening of a child close to us.
  • Another recurring case in this type of dreams has been, when we arrive we are going to look at the person in the coffin and it is us. This is a clear sign that we have not acted in the best way, we show regret, indicating that we must make a radical change in our life to improve ourselves.

In the case of dreaming about the wake of a well-known person, this can make us see that someone is about to get married.

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