Dreaming of weapons usually has very different meanings, although in the vast majority of cases it symbolizes protection. You don’t always dream in the same way, because in addition to not being able to remember all the details, your mood directly affects the dream. It will not be the same type of dream with weapons a day in which everything has gone well for you, to a disastrous day from which you want to escape as soon as possible.

It is clear that the state of mind influences, but if there is something that determines dreams to a great extent, it is emotions, worries, fears, insecurities and concerns. That essence that makes you be you and have a different personality than the rest is what marks your dreams. However, all human beings usually dream of elements that allow us to know the real reasons behind these nocturnal visions.

Meaning of dreaming about weapons

  • When firearms appear in the dream , it is usually because you are a nervous person or that you are at least going through a fairly intense moment in your life. This type of weapon represents the fear you may feel towards possible conflicts that may appear, in fact, it is an alarm to prevent future problems. They are common dreams among people who, for reasons beyond their control, are led into conflicts that deep down they do not want and in which they do not want to be involved. The best advice is that you follow your instincts and do not do anything you do not want, sincerity is always the best asset.
  • It can be very confusing but if you have dreamed that you caused damage to someone with a knife, it is because something is going to happen. This is usually a problem related to the judicial sphere. Be careful with the crazy things that occur to you and avoid following the advice of bad company as they will only bring you problems.
  • If, on the other hand, it was you who was injured in the dream by a knife, it is because someone from your closest environment is deceiving you. A clear betrayal of your person is being committed without your knowing it. Be careful with what you have, because you never know who that person may be, although do not worry, it is a matter of time before that person reveals himself on his own. When the injury is caused by a firearm, the situation is much more serious. An accident may occur and someone in your circle loses their life.
  • If in the dream you have a small weapon that can barely protect you, it is precisely because of a lack of security. Although it has several meanings, two of them are the most common. On the one hand, the lack of security, a sign that in your life you need something more to feel full. The other more widespread meaning is that of low self-esteem. You feel inferior to the rest and you would always like to be at the same level as other people. Envy is a bad companion, do not obsess over the rest and focus on being happy with what you have.
  • The size of the weapon is again important, because if you have dreamed of a cannonball it means that you will have family problems or between your friends. On the other hand, if a bullet or shell appears in the dream, it is because your goals can be truncated by people close to you. Do not let this happen and fight for your dreams, because if they do not work and go wrong you will become much stronger.

Conclusion of dreaming about weapons

It is possible that when you wake up you hardly remember anything more than the presence of weapons in the dream . This is not a good sign, as it means that something negative is going to happen. It can be from a fight with a friend to a work or family problem. There are many negative situations that can arise in the next few days, try to be careful and avoid envy.

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