Surely on more than one occasion you have dreamed of winds, of that kind of lucid dream that seemed real, and you have wondered  what it could mean.  Psychologists say dreams are unconscious desires that we do not want to recognize and that because of this appear in our dreams represented in a symbolic way.

It is common for people to dream of natural phenomena or disasters, and when waking up that image does not leave their thoughts. What will those dreams mean? It is the case of  dreaming of winds , it is a dream that announces changes in your life and the arrival of tests that you must overcome.

Meaning of dreaming about winds

If you sleep with the window open, or with the fan running with the air current towards your face, it is likely that while you sleep you will hear and feel the sound of the wind. Unconsciously, what you feel causes you to have dreams of the wind .

But what do these dreams with the wind mean ? What is my subconscious telling me? The correct interpretation of dreams implies remembering its context, since dreaming with a breeze on our faces does not symbolize the same  as dreaming that we are on the Titanic and the wind hits our face.

In the following lines, we will show you some interpretations and meanings of having dreams with the wind, in different contexts:

  • If in the dream you feel a soft breeze that brushes your face, and in the dream you are with a person who is no longer in your life, the meaning is associated with positive feelings and emotions, the memory of good things and happy moments that are missed. with that absent person.
  • If the wind prevents you from moving forward or making you retreat, it can be interpreted as that you feel that you do not have the capacity for yourself to overcome problems, you think that they are overwhelming you and are too serious to face them.
  • To dream that a gale hits your house , represents the fear that you have of losing everything you have and that you have achieved with so much effort. You may be living a situation in which you feel that the problems are overwhelming you. They are winds of change, and you will have enough strength to rebuild your life.
  • Feeling a very cold or icy wind , which makes us shiver and shrink from so much cold, is a sign of communication problems with others, these problems are so serious that they will cause ruptures and distancing.
  • If the wind is very hot , so humid and dense that it suffocates you, it is likely that you also feel suffocated in a situation that you are currently living in. Try to take things slowly, and give each thing the value it really has.
  • If you dream of the sound of the wind , it is a sign of changes that can be favorable, but everything will depend on you, if you make the right decisions to make it happen. It can be a sign that you are going to get out of trouble and that better days will come without so many complications.
  • If in the dream there is a favorable wind for sailing , or you feel that you can walk so fast that you almost fly because of the wind that pushes you, it is a sign that you will receive a lot of support so that you can achieve your goals and objectives.
  • If you dream that the wind takes you flying, it can be a representation of the situation you live with respect to the feeling of having lost control of your life, it is an invitation to take control and take more risks so that you can achieve your goals. you want to achieve.
  • To dream that the wind lulls you , is a sign that everything is going as planned, and it is necessary that you be alert so that you do not fall into unnecessary complications. You are where you want to be, don’t be afraid to show your full potential. Big changes will be made to make everything even better.

Conclusion of dreaming of winds

In conclusion, dreaming with the wind is a window in which we can see the changes we are making in our life, the ones we need to make and the changes that are coming. It is a symbol of the strength, violence and speed with which things can change, and a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

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