Although we have many dreams every night, hopefully we can only remember a couple of them. In this specific article we are going to focus on dreams in which the teeth are the main element, whether it is for better or for worse. Many dreams that we have do not give us any meaning, because they either lack importance or do not influence us in any way, although in the cases that we are going to treat the teeth appear as the main element of the dream and we will also remember it perfectly.

We have previously discussed the meaning of dreaming of teeth or dreaming of teeth that fall out , but in this case it is the molars that receive the most attention. It may seem strange, but the act of analyzing dreams like this allows us to know ourselves better and even know what awaits us in the nearest future.

Each dream has its own interpretation, but as always happens, each element has a general meaning with which it is associated. While teeth are the most external and easiest teeth to extract, molars are the opposite. We speak of a deep and rooted part of us. That is why we usually talk about familiar aspects or very strong bonds when the teeth are the protagonists.


Meaning of dreaming about molars

  • When in dreams the teeth are rotten or begin to break, it is a sign of repentance. In your life you have missed a great opportunity and your conscience reminds you of it. This opportunity can be from professional to sentimental or of any other type. If it is related to your family life, there will be some other strong discussion, especially if there is an inheritance involved. You are going to have to assess what really interests you, whether financial compensation or a clear conscience.
  • If the occasional tooth has cracks causing severe pain, the occasional surprise will appear. If despite being broken there is hardly any pain, it is a very good sign because the surprise will be positive. The more painful it is, the more negative the situation will be. These surprises are completely unknown, that is, we do not know what area of ​​your life they are related to and we cannot know the consequences of them.
  • Here we have the popular dream that surely all of you were looking for, the dream in which teeth fall out . In these dreams the fall of something as strong as a tooth is associated with the loss of someone you love. It may be due to a death or distance due to a fight or moving. The important thing is not the reasons but the pain caused by this separation. It is about someone so special to you that you cannot imagine living without that person anymore. If unfortunately it is due to a death you cannot do more than use all your memories, but if the reason is another, surely it can be fixed and with time everything will be solved, although you will have to swallow part of your pride.
  • If instead of broken, the teeth appear pitted , you will lose money. It is not that you have a hole in your pocket or anything like that, but you are going to lose money due to cuts, bad investments or unpleasant surprises. You are going to go through a very complicated time, so we recommend that you stop wasting money from now on and put some order to your personal accounts. Debts are never good allies, so avoid getting into debt at all costs and everything will be much better for you.
  • The annoying toothache can appear even in dreams, and ironic as it may seem, it is in some cases a good omen. This pain can be associated with the equivalent of the effort you are making, which means that you will be able to achieve everything you set your mind to. You will know how to face problems and what is even better, overcome them. All this will allow you to achieve your goals and fulfill those dreams for which you are trying so hard. On the other hand, if during sleep, in addition to pain, you felt really dejected and without strength, a strong family discussion is approaching. It is something very painful, since it is about people close to you, but it is equally inevitable. The only thing you can do to avoid aggravating the situation is to control your impulses and measure your words very well.
  • The extraction of a tooth in dreams is nothing other than the appearance of something negative in your life. This is one of the most open interpretations, since we cannot know exactly what it is about. If you are a person who escapes from problems, you will have to mature in that aspect to be able to face them properly. If, on the other hand, you know how to react to complex situations but you are having friction with people who are very important to you, it is just another discussion.
  • To dream that you are at the dentist , especially if you are there for something related to your teeth, you need help. Although it is true that the dentist usually causes fear in patients, we know that they only want to help us and that they will do the best for our oral health. In this dream, no matter how scared you are, you know that it will help you, and that is precisely what you need in real life. You will have to ask for help from someone who is important to you and to help you overcome the obstacles or difficulties in which you find yourself.

Conclusion of dreaming about molars

For many people, dreaming of mus ela is another sign of obsession with physique and appearance, although as you may have seen in our interpretations, this is not the case at all. The only thing you should be clear about is that dream interpretation is not easy at all, it requires practice, experience and of course, the necessary knowledge. We do not want to worry or scare you, so use the information that we always give you to benefit you and know how to act at all times.

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