The experience of dreaming about demons for anyone can mean more of a nightmare than a dream. Due to the way we have been brought up, regardless of the culture you know, the devil always personifies evil and perversion, this is why dreaming of demons does not bode well.

Within the sphere under which the devil appears in his dream, the interpretations vary according to the setting, but for the most part they all coincide with the fact that, treating the devil as the pure incarnation of evil, force also comes out. with which you face him or if on the other hand you accept him and recognize his power before you.

Meaning of dreaming about demons

  • Dreaming that the devil is your friend: it shows you as an easy person to manipulate. It also refers to the fact that he does not mind participating in acts that are considered immoral and that he does so of his own choosing. It is a reflection that their morale is tainted by negative or evil acts.
  • Dreaming that you are talking to the devil: it is a warning that you will go through difficult times due to the betrayal of someone close to you who will disappoint you. It also means sickness.
  • Dreaming of demons and praying: reflects the need to know that you are forgiven for something that has been consciously done wrong. This dream brings out remorse and conscience for past actions that have caused harm to other people.
  • Dreaming of demons in the house: this dream specifically shows that within the home there is someone who is acting in a way that is considered wrong. It translates into rejection and censorship with which you judge someone very close to or who lives with you.
  • Dreaming that a demon is chasing you: again you face the charge of conscience that you have for having acted incorrectly or having intentionally caused harm to others.
  • Dreaming that a demon attacks you: in this dream the subconscious shows you the attitude of acceptance in the face of a punishment that it knows it deserves for having done wrong in the past. It is also interpreted as an omen that sooner or later the harm you have caused to others will be returned to you.
  • Dreaming about defeating the devil: represents the fight to repair the damage caused. It means that after a bad action you will correct your actions by rectifying and asking for forgiveness.
  • To dream that you fight with the devil and kill him: contrary to the euphoria and joy that you may feel before your victory against the devil, this dream seeks to tell you that you will suffer because of trying to achieve things that are impossible. Manifest losses and periods of frustration.
  • To dream that the devil is kind: it is a bad omen due to the fame of trickster with which the devil surrounds and deceives those who are related to him. It warns you to be careful not to get involved in matters that may get you in trouble for being illegal or immoral.
  • To dream that the devil is rich and powerful: if during this dream, seeing the devil as someone with great fortune, you feel the need to ally yourself with him, it means misery, which translates into the little value you give to what you have because he always lusts for more.
  • To dream that the devil is a musician: represents a bad omen since it brings times of corruption and depravity.
  • Dreaming that the devil appears in the form of a ghost: it shows him as a person who is leading a life that others consider dishonest and immoral. It is also a warning that people close to you do not accept it and therefore are moving away.

Conclusion of dreaming about demons

The interesting thing about dreaming about demons is that, even if you are not a believing person, the meaning of this dream will always relate more to your actions as a person than to the demonic entity itself.

In this dream, our dark side comes to light, that aspect of our personality of which we are not proud, either because we know that we are committing immoral acts or because at some point in our life we ​​act in a way that currently makes us feel responsible. of conscience.

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